The Miracle of Garlic (special offer in Bio)

The Miracle of Garlic (special offer in Bio)

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The Miracle of Garlic: Herbal Remedy for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Cancer, Allergies and Much Much More. (Garlic Power, Green Tea)

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use garlic in many different ways in order to naturally treat various health conditions. Although garlic is best known as a flavor enhancer added to different kinds of dishes, this herb can be taken or applied using different methods to make the symptoms of your illnesses disappear. Garlic can be taken raw or in supplement form, although making it a staple ingredient in your dishes is the easiest way of reaping its health benefits.

Categories: Self-Help, Relationships & Lifestyle - Alternative Medicine & Natural Healing
Year: 2015
Edition: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Independently published
Language: English
Pages: 30
ISBN 10: 1549800167
ISBN 13: 9781549800160
File:  227 KB